Assalamualaikum :) hi :3 lets face it, everywhere i go, i see pretty girls walking around with their cool branded outfits and i'm here, being small, just walking past their life with an old bag, and some random outfit i randomly choose from the not-so-big closet of mine.
i kept reminding myself, everybody's beautiful. everybody has their own special way. blah blah blah. whatever. but beneath my positive thinking and helpless thoughts, there's something in me just keeps on saying, you're the ugliest girl alive. hah, too much ? Sigh, i actually do care about what people think. i honestly dont know why.
i'm basically surrounded by such beautiful girls and i often think to myself that im never good enough. im never going to be the girl who walks by a class and everyone looking at her, eyes full of jealousy. im never going to be the girl who stand out. im the girl who stands behind her friend's shadow. im the girl who isn't good enough in anything. im the girl who sounds smart but not. im the girl who no flawless skin.

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