My wish

Okay stop hold on the "things" tht brings you down. Bersyukur je dengan apa yang ada. bcs someone out there or maybe millions of people out there want living a life like yours.

Sebulan je lagi, im away far from family relatives friends and cousins. Sebulan je lagi, dunia rumah akan jadi dunia kampus dunia kenal org kenal ragam org and blah blah blah. Am i ready fr it? 

Nope. yes the truth is no. Beneath my positive thinking, i feels like im still a kid tht needs to be feed to be protect to be care for. Haha gedik en. Im sorry fr being tht kind of girl. 

So, Kolej Profesional Mara, Indera Mahkota Pahang pls be nice okay.


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