you can...

we were away far, i'd just keep on calling and leave you a msg which you will never respon. cause my heart still hoping.

fine, you can ignore my calls as long as you want.

you can delete my notes as many as you want

you can delete all of our old conversation

you can destroy all my pictures in yr handphone, maybe in your wallet too.

you can throw all my gifts

you can burn all my t-shirts

you can also forget my presence in your life too.

or maybe you already throw it all hundreds days ago...

I give up. Too long to hold on to something i dont belong to.
Too stupid to chase someone i dont even know who now.
Too despicable to beg a love from someone who dont even want answer my calls.

I just will never be good enough fr you. Im thank Allah fr separating me from you.

I keep on writing those stupid sad phrase, sad quote sad moment on my all social sites just because I missed you...

No, i was wrong. I miss the old you.

May Allah give me a better man. I hope perfect "jodoh"

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