4:32 in the morning and I am here still awake. enjoying my sem break i guess. lols.

Ok, the tittle seems cliche aite? who cares darl, my blog my rules. hahahhaha. Alright, Eighteeeeeeennnnnn. This year had gave me so many memories. so many experience, so many new lessons. Just one year left and im already 20! AHAH! Still not ready for sure.

I will finish my diploma in 2016. Continue my degree in another 3-4 years. I failed in love, hahaha so i will make sure that i will not fail in my studies. No man, no try, be a girl with no cry. emmmmmm actually i do cry over boy. sometimes i guess.

Talks about "boy"... there is something i want to share.

I am so grateful to met this one guy tht i always talks about in my previous post. I met tht guy when I still a girl who know nothing. But, bcs of him I grew wiser, I learned so many things from him. I learned how to managed my problem, my feelings. I learned how to act wisely when i have a problem... and now i miss him like crazy. ya Allah.

And now i keep my head up, stay strong and struggle for my best in future. I will success. I will finish my study with pride and blessing from my family. Get married w someone who love me w no reasons and regrets, and have a wonderful kids.

Say goodbye to the pain in my past. ��

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