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you can...

we were away far, i'd just keep on calling and leave you a msg which you will never respon. cause my heart still hoping.fine, you can ignore my calls as long as you can delete my notes as many as you wantyou can delete all of our old conversationyou can destroy all my pictures in yr handphone, maybe in your wallet can throw all my giftsyou can burn all my t-shirtsyou can also forget my presence in your life too.or maybe you already throw it all hundreds days ago...I give up. Too long to hold on to something i dont belong to.
Too stupid to chase someone i dont even know who now.
Too despicable to beg a love from someone who dont even want answer my calls. I just will never be good enough fr you. Im thank Allah fr separating me from you.I keep on writing those stupid sad phrase, sad quote sad moment on my all social sites just because I missed you...No, i was wrong. I miss the old you. May Allah give me a better man. I hope perfect "jodoh"


Betapa kelam buat aku tak termampu
Di manakah mentari
Yang dahuli disisiBetapa kejam bila sayapku kau patah
Tubuhku pun melemah
Diriku pun merebahSakit ini
Adalah Setia yang tak pernah kau mengertiBerharap kasih moga engkau mampu memahami
Walaupun bukan sekarang
Bahagia menjelangBerharap kasih moga engkau mahu untuk bersama
Andai musim pun berubah
Dirimu kan datang

Allah will..

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on. You feel so lost. That your so alone, all you is see is night and darkness all around. You feel so helpless, you can`t see which way to go. Don`t despair and never loose hope cause Allah is always by your sideIn Shaa Allah you`ll find your wayEverytime you can make one more mistake, you feel you can`t repent and that its way too late. Your`re so confused, wrong decisions you have made hunt your mind and your heart is full of shameDon`t despair and never loose hope cause Allah is always by your sideTurn to Allah. He`s never far away, put your trust in Him, raise your hands and pray. Ya Allah, guide my steps don`t let me go astray, you`re the only one that showed me the way.

i thought....

i thought i will be with you till the end
i thought you is my life forever after
i thought everytime i smile, it because of you
i thought you the reason of my strenghnessi thought we will never argue
i thought you'll never get bored over me
ithought you never changed the way i like you be
i thought we never be apartbut all my thought is only my dream.cause now you left me,and i keep on trying to be the old us.i thought my pain was over when i give up upon you. But the pain seems like never go.Allah. Please give me someone better. Amin

keep on survive

I try to keep suffer-in-silence. Day after day i still looking forward to keep in touch w him. Although he is busy w something or maybe someone i dont know. Im fooling myself bcause those feeling fr him still in my heart. I knew i will find a perfect guy someday but in the meantime i still need him. Allah, give me happiness. My own happiness w/out depending on him. Cause he dont deserve me. Amin Ya Rabbal'alamin