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The Guy

In this big awesome world, I only love this one guy tht i met when i was in form 3. Never realize he will become so important to me. Suddenly he just came and bring so much happy moments in my life. Every single words tht he said i cant never forget.. I love the way he is. The way he walk, talk, sleep, are my favourites. in the beginning im not his the only one. he already has a girlfriend. Yes, it hurts. only God knows. But in the other way, i am so happy to be with him. i love how he treats me different from others. How i love when he put me in the first option besides anyone else. Everythings seems so perfect. I do everything for him. I followed all his request. When he dislike some of my favourite hobbies, i just dont do it anymore. he do the same. But time passed, and seems like Im his the only one. Sounds like i should be happy right? Yes i do. But without i realize, he hurts me a lots. slowly there is less sweet lines, less sweet conversations. People are noticed but not me. i …