Comparing Each Other

Before we start, note that this is my blog. I can post whatever I want and you have to accept the fact. I have my voices and if you're not okay with that, then get lost. Unless there are words that may lead you to suicide or anything, let me know okay?

Well, I hate to say it, but we're sort of like living in a society where people actually compare each other. Everyone wants to be better than everyone else. Everyone is hating on each other. Well, it's not our fault that we hate ourselves. We were sort of like taught how to do this. In fact, we were even taught way back when we were in kindergarten. Competition. All those tests, exams, who's prettier, who's better at sports and stuffs. It's like we were rank by our appearance.

And when you judge someone based on their appearance, that's not your fault either. It's like your brain is all "Why is she fat?" "Haaahh, she's so fake". Well, we judge each other. Everybody's judging. Whats worst is that sometimes, we might have the desire to compete in any way. Everybody wants to be the best, the prettiest, have the best body, they want to be the most popular, whatever! And when you find someone who has all of that stuffs, what do you do? Insecurities.

And then what happens? We want to see them be sad or dumped by because they're so happy and pretty so that we could feel better but in reality, all you need to do is to stop comparing yourself. Once upon a time, I compare myself a lot. I'm always the ugliest, I'm always the stupidest. But as soon as I accept the fact that I might not be the most prettiest or the best of the best, it's takes all the pressure off!

I realized that you don't have to be better than anyone else, you just have to be you! So what if you get a B for a test and you can never get an A for it? It sort of means that your level of intelligence isn't good enough but at least you get to be you! There's always going to be other people to compare you with someone else. Well let them be the ones to be like "This girl is the prettier than this one" or whatever.

But hey, the one thing that I know is that there's going to be only one me! And that is the best thing that I can offer to the world! And then people will be all "Well, she's not that threatening! She seems nice, I want to make friends with her!". We all have something in us that no one else has and if you just do that instead of what society is telling you to do, then we could all be united or whatsoever blahblahblah.

This is a hard thing, you're going to deal with this every year, people comparing you and competing with you and whatever and the more you be like "Ohh whatever, I'm just being myself. Silly me yadiyadiyada", the more you will feel better and the people who's judging you can actually shut the f up.

Sometimes, it's good to compete with each other so that you would like "She's so smart, I have to learn harder to be smarter than her", it's good. I'm just noting the ones where you would be like "She's so pretty, why am I so ugly? I hate myself! *takes knife and do lots of lines on your wrist*" If God wants you to be like that, so be it! Be freaking grateful for once in your life!

And even if they're really pretty or really ugly or whatever you think, she is probably as insecure as you are because we're girls and we have insecurities a lot like "I'm jealous of that girl's hair" or "Why can't I be skinnier?". We gotta learn to accept our appearance and let society kill the murderers or whatever. Okay?

Wow, that was a lot to discuss about but I'm just stating my opinion because you know in Twitter, everyone's comparing and wanting to be better and stuff. Enjoy your life for crying out loud. Assalammualaikum x

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